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The famouse SINElanguage for writing real time editors is lisp like and
was popular to many lisp people and now OTA has it online in case anyone is
interested. It was originally implemented on the Architecture Machines under
MagicSix (TM.) Here is the message he sent me, Neal.Feinberg at CMU-10A is
going to try to bring it up over there maybe.
    Date: 15 Oct 1980 2140-PDT
    From: Ted Anderson <OTA at SU-AI>

    I have moved the files Tom Boyle has mentioned to SAIL.
    You can FTP them from there without an account.  The
    files are called sine.stf, sine1.stf, sine2.stf
    ... sine6.stf.  That last one contains a summary
    of the system organization and should probably be looked
    at first.  Let me know if you have any trouble
    getting the files or questions about the stuff once you get them.