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Re: Proposed schedule for change from "/" to "\"

    Date: 20 January 1981 0952-EST (Tuesday)
    From: Guy.Steele at CMU-10A

    In order to convert files quickly, maybe a simple EMACS command
    could be consed up to convert a file from "/" to "\".

Certainly. KMP may already have one, otherwise I doubt
he would have offered to convert macsyma. The existence
of such a command is the main argument for making the
"\" <=> "/" switch all at once, because it is natural to
fully convert a file you are working on, instead of
going through a two-stage process (there are cases, albeit
strange, where having both "\" and "/" quote will make
it difficult to write something in such a way that it
will mean the same thing when the quoteness of "/" is
removed). The main thing is that you want to convert
files as you work on them, and you want to be reminded
to do the conversion on an unconverted file.