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Re: Fence posts?

    Date: 15 February 1981 1955-EST (Sunday)
    From: Guy.Steele at CMU-10A
    .  .  .  If DLW is right that end positions
    are more available than counts anyway, then the subtraction JONL fears
    will turn up anyway:
    rather than
	    (SUBSTRING FOO START END)	;compilation requires a subtraction
    .  .  .
This thought has occurred to us, that despite one's best efforts, he's going
to find that he has a Left-foot shoe when he wants a Right.  However,
I took DLW's remarks to be personal stylistic preference, since it's so
hard to get data on just which case is more frequent/convenient.  At least
for some of the overlapping functions, one will have, in NIL, a choice.
   By the bye, when did the late "Great" become a "Gronked" Quux?