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Re: Faculty Positions at Utah

I would like to bring the following announcemnt to your attention,
and would appreciate it if it could be forwarded to any likely prospects.
(We are not specifically looking for "LISP" people, though I personally
would be delighted to have an additional person interested in LISP
Implementations, personal Machines, LISP extensions and LISP applications).
Please contact me for further information [Griss@utah-20]


                              UNIVERSITY OF UTAH

                      Computer Science Faculty Positions

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Utah seeks applications
for  the ranks of Assistant and Associate Professor.  Both regular and visiting
appointments  will  be  considered.    A  successful  candidate  for  Assistant
Professor  must  earn the Ph.D. in Computer Science or a related field prior to
December 1981.  Candidates for Associate Professor must have, in  addition,  at
least three years of teaching and research experience in Computer Science.

The  Department  currently  has  13 tenure-track faculty members, as well as an
additional 4 serving in research capacity.   The  student  population  includes
approximately 350 undergraduate majors, 55 Master's degree students, and 30 PhD

The  Department has an excellent complement of computing facilities, with usual
conveniences like terminals in all offices, access via  both  the  Arpanet  and
Telenet,  and  very  powerful  facilities  for  computer graphics, and document
production.  Research equipment includes a DECsystem 2060, Burroughs 1865,  DEC
PDP-10  KA, PDP-11/60, PDP-11/45, HP3000/33, E&S Picture System, Grinnell color
frame buffer, a large variety of mini- and  micro-computers,  a  Computervision
CAD  VLSI design system, and shortly a VAX/750.  Output devices include a Barco
high resolution color  monitor,  a  four  color  plotter,  and  a  Mergenthaler
Omnitech/2000 Photocomposer.

Special research facilities within the Department support projects in algebraic
computation,  computer-aided  geometric  design,  data-flow  and multiprocessor
architectures,   graphical   software   development    tools,    high-precision
photographic work, sensory information processing, software portability, symbol
manipulation   systems,   and   text-searching  machines.    Additionally,  the
Department  is  the  major  contributor  to  a  University  facility  for  VLSI
fabrication, which is now operational in its building.

Starting  date for the appointment is 1 July 1981.  Direct vita, along with the
names of three or more references, to:  

                    Professor Robert M. Keller
                    Chairman, Faculty Search Committee
                    Department of Computer Science
                    University of Utah
                    Salt Lake City, UT 84112

The University of Utah is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer.