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Call For Papers

Last year at this time I put the Call for Papers for the PC3 conference out to
these mailing lists and bulletin boards.  We seemed to get a good response, so
here it is again.  Notice that this year's theme is a little different.
Further note that we are formally refereeing papers this year.

If anyone out there is interested in refereeing, please send me a note.

Third annual Phoenix Conference on Computers and Communications
                       CALL FOR PAPERS

Theme: THE CHALLENGE OF CHANGE - Applying Evolving Technology.

The conference seeks to attract quality papers with emphasis on the following

APPLICATIONS -- Office automation; Personal Computers; Distributed systems;
Local/Wide Area Networks; Robotics, CAD/CAM; Knowledge-based systems; unusual

TECHNOLOGY -- New architectures; 5th generation & LISP machines; New
microprocessor hardware; Software engineering; Cellular mobile radio;
Integrated speech/data networks; Voice data systems; ICs and devices.

QUALITY -- Reliability/Availiability/Serviceability; Human engineering;
Performance measurement; Design methodologies; Testing/validation/proof

Authors of papers (3000-5000 words) or short papers (1000-1500 words) are to
submit abstracts (300 words max.) with authors' names, addresses, and
telephone numbers.  Proposals for panels or special sessions are to contain
sufficient detail to explain the presentation.  5 copies of the completed
paper must be submitted, with authors' names and affiliations on a separate
sheet of paper, in order to provide for blind refereeing.

Abstracts and proposals due: August 1
Full papers due:             September 15
Notification of Acceptance:  November 15
Conference Dates:            March 19-21, 1984

Address the abstract and all other replies to:
       Susan C. Brewer
       Honeywell LCPD, MS Z22
       PO Box 8000 N
       Phoenix AZ 85066

Or you can send stuff to me, Bill Vaughan (VaughanW @ HI-Multics) and I will
make sure Susan gets it.