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Interlisp and MacLisp (almost)

I've been working on a general inter-dialect Lisp translation system which
specializes in Interlisp to Franz Lisp (which is very close to MacLisp).  It
is still undergoing developement.  It includes a general rule driven
translator, a small set of pattern-action rules for translating Interlisp into Franz,
and a Interlispy run time environment for Frnaz.  At Penn, we've opted for
a system that includes both translation and emulation.  Some other efforts
I'm aware of include the following:

  - The Franz group at Berkeley have some sort of Interlisp compatability
    package for Franz.

  - An extensive Interlisp to MacLisp translation system called MACLISPIFY
    was written at SRI and used to transport some large systems.  I can dig
    up the details if you're interested.

  - The Interlisp system includes the TRANSOR package for trnaslating Interlisp
    code to other Lisp dialects.  There is a set of rules for Interlisp to Maclisp,
    although it is somewhat dated.

  - There was a Interlisp to Maclisp translation system written by Jack Holloway
    (I believe) and extended by Dave McDonnald.  It was used to translate
    the LUNAR system to MacLisp and LispMachine Lisp (I think).

  - There is a group at Stanford on SUMEX that is trying to implement some of
    the Interlisp packages (e.g. the RECORD package) in Franz.

i can supply more details on some of these efforts if you are interested.