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More Lisp History Trivia Quiz

Now that LISP-FORUM beat macros and their history into the ground,
how about tail recursion removal?

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Date: 15 Dec. 1981 8:55 am PST (Tuesday)
From: Satterthwaite.PA
Subject: Eliminating Tail Recursion

Can any of you provide some history or a good reference on this
[eliminating tail recursion]?  I heard the idea described as part of
the hallway folklore, long enough ago that I forget the source.
The only published references to it that I can find are some of
the Scheme  papers from 1975-76, but Steele hints that the technique
was used in Lisp much earlier.  This technique seems to be ignored
in the catalogs of optimization techniques for algebraic languages
that I have found; are there Pascal, C, etc. compilers that do it?