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It seems to me in my reading of the papers for the Stanford Lisp
conference that some Lisp implementation which was described (perhaps
in a rejected paper) had a CR function for consistency. CR = 
(lambda(x) x) I suppose.

As for Format:  I believe macsyma's MFORMAT is available in Franz;
the introduction (perhaps implementation?) of FORMAT for the pdp-10
in Macsyma's code post-dated the implementation of Franz on the VAX.
It may get implemented (especially in a Common-Lisp version), but
it is not, as of this moment, being funded at UCB. 

GLS is of course right that if there is a bug in the UNIX routines,
the bug should be fixed.  There are two barriers, in addition to the
need to find the time to do it:  1. Some of UNIX code is "machine independent".
Hence some of the code (like sqrt) is truly bad unless you use the
special-purpose code that is available (e.g. libnm on VAX).
2. Other programs may actually depend on the badness of such code.
The famous feature-vs-bug..  Should sqrt(-4) be 2, -2, 0, or error?  Whatever
it may have been in the past, someone may need it.