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Re: Query

  We only have setf in the maclisp compatibility package.  If it were to
become part of the standard system, it would have to handle all c*r cases,
which would not be too hard.

  I agree completely that there are things to be fixed up in Franz.  Some
are out of our control since we use the unix C libraries and some
are things we haven't gotten around to fixing.  That code that gets printed
out after a reader error was inserted for debugging purpose a while back
and should have been replaced by explanatory text before the lisp was
  Needless to say, I disgree that the only c*r functions that should be 
defined are car and cdr, and that if the user types (car (car x)) then
the compiler changes this to a call to an internal caar. Surely you have to
admit that (caddr x) is more readable than (car (car (cdr x))) and 
certainly easier to type (and remember that the system exists purely for
the benefit of the USER, if you insist that only car and cdr are defined
then you will have a nice clean system but no one will use it).