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Re: c*r

George, you still haven't said why you think supporting c*r is bad.
A human who uses caadadadadadr habitually at top-level
is not applying various lessons about
data abstraction, structures, etc.  but that doesn't mean he/she should
be prevented from using that function. And defining caadadadadadr
to mean something ELSE would be strictly bad news.

In particular, when such constructions are "computer-created", or used
to implement REPRESENTATIONS, c*r seems quite natural.

Your line about experience doesn't hold up.  While I believe in
"ad hominem" arguments as much as the next guy, (see below),
what is your point?

Do you think KMP's definition of
mdo-unless is better than (defmacro mdo-unless (x) (caddddddr ,x)),
which is how it could be done in Franz?
I think you are just jealous that you didn't think of the c*r hack.
(should be really C(AuD)+R hack...)