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InterLISP Macros

While InterLISP may indeed have various kinds of macros,
there is no evidence that I can find in the 1975 or 1978
manuals to indicate that the interpreter knowsanything
at all about them.  They seem to be discussed only in
the compiler chapter, and only describe their effect within
a function to be compiled.  I think it would therefore be
quite understandable if someone were to read this and conclude
that the facility was unlike the MacLISP facility whose
very point is that it behaves the same, in the absence of
bizarre side effects, in both the compiler and the interpreter.
If InterLISP macros worked only in the compiler, then one would
have to provide a separate definition for use in the interpreter.
Will the current state of things be documented in the 1981 InterLISP
manual (I'm extrapolating a three-year frequency from two data points!)?