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	Interestingly, the da, de, di, do, du construction doesn't work
very well in Loglan either.  First, you only get to refer to five back.
The big problem, though, is figuring out where that is in a complex
sentence.  People are real bad at keeping track of fifo lists in real
time.  To make matters worse, it isn't always clear how it ought to work
in cases involving hierarchical phrases.  "Then Jack said `You need
oregano, parsley, chili, and chives in tomato slop,' and put the spoon
in."  Is two back (de) Jack or the tomato slop (or the whole quoted
string)?  Either way you lose access to the other.  (Since Loglan has a
hack to allow quotations from any random language, which may not follow
queuing conventions, I think they ended up making the convention that
quotations are opaque in getting the YACC parser to work.)
	The lispish equivalent of this is  (G (F x) x) -- ie, you want
to be able to refer to previous subexpressions' arguments as well as
previous arguments of your own.