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I have a macro I use occasionally called SEQ (previously reported to
this column) that addresses your problem.  It was invented mostly
because it is sometimes easier to read function nesting "backwards".
For example: (SEQ (H x) (G * y) (F *)) expands into (F (G (H x) y)) If
more than one `*' appears, its smart about inserting a gensym'd symbol
so the thing doesnt get evaluated more than once, so

(SEQ (G x) (F * y *))
 expands into:
(LET ((G0001 (G x))) (F G0001 y G0001))

I have found this inversion of functional notation to make things
much more readable in many situations and solves at least some cases
of your problem.

[I actually use the "circle-plus" character rather than * to avoid