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    Date: 16 June 1981 23:39-EDT
    From: David Eppstein <KRONJ at MIT-MC>
    Is there any way to get DEFVST-structures to print in a
    machine-readable format?  Or does there exist somewhere a way to make
    the #-readmacro recognize #{STRUCTNAME FOO ...} type constructions?
If you have the DEFVST file loaded into a lisp which has some
structures created in it (even those that may have been loaded
 from FASL files before the DEFVST/EXTEND files were loaded), then
the structures will print out nicely -- in fact, one could
define a meaning for "#{", using DEFSHARP, to cause the printed form
to read in into an EQUAL structure.  But there has not been complete
agreement on this feature, nor really strong interest, so no one has
taken the liberty of adding it yet.