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Intra-dialect Lisp translation

AVAILABLE: LISP 1.6 ==> MACLISP translator, in the form of
   an ITS-TECO MACRO by KMP and me, which is very thoroughly
   tested by repeatedly translating new versions of a
   50K-package perfectly, and without need for the user to
   (possibly <==  )   Preferably keeping comments in the
   output file (as the above MACRO does).

  The teco-macro contains a public, generally useful part, but also a
private part for individual needs, which always pop up and you'd like
to add to. As FININ says, compatibility packages are also recommendable.

  Also translates keyword-introduced comments to code and vice versa,
since one always need some code to be individual for each dialect.
  My experience of all this is quite good.
Used it not for a one-time-translation, but even for CONTINUOUS
translation, for parallell versions, allowing the development being
done in one dialect (1.6) and immediately translate the updated
1.6-code to Maclisp (did the debugging in the latter dialect actually).