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68000 kit

From: roy@nlm-vax.ARPA (Roy Standing @ NLM/LHNCBC, Bethesda, Md.)

Some of you have undoubtably seen Motorola's 'designer's get-acquainted
offer of a lifetime'.  For $68.00 you get: 1 MC68000 MPU, 1 MC68008 MPU
(8-bit MPU), 1 MC68440 (DMA control), 1 MC68230 (parallel interface/timer),
1 MC68661 (enhanced peripheral communications interface), 1 MC68652 (multi-
protocol communication controller, 1 MC68681 (dual UART), 1 MC68901 (multi-
function peripheral), AND complete M68000 documentation library.  Its
called the M68000KIT from any authorized Motorola distributor (such as
Hamilton-Avnet in my area).  THere is also an 'early bird bonus' with the
first 2000 orders received ... 1 MC68010 16-bit virtual memory 8mHz MPU at
no additional charge.

The points are: 1) a spare MC68000 chip, 2) an MC68010 which you could
replace the Mac's MC68000 chip with (5-50% improvement but there are some
ROM patches to handle the 68010 4 byte exception stack setup vs the 68000's
3 byte--not hard to do--why hasn't Levco offered this???), 3) the ability
to hack extra ports for the Mac, and 4) the complete set of 68000
documentation.  Seems like a neat offer.  Motorola's ad has a toll free
number: 1-800-521-6274.

PS: should I have missed a similar announcement on ARPA and "committed"
duplication ..... my apologies.  Werner