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I have a car...

...that is basically of no use to me anymore.  It is a 1977 Plymouth
Fury that used to be a police car, and it has 78000 miles.  Being a
policecar, it has a souped up, V8 engine, a VERY tight suspension,
heavy-duty radiator/altenator, and coolers for both the motor and
transmission oils.  It also has an indestructable interior (rubber
carpets, heavy vinyl seats).  The body is in good shape, with a minimal
amount of rust.  Now, the bad news...

...The brake system is basically dead.  I spoke to a mechanic, and he
said that it would cost about $450.00 to fix.  (The car stops fine, but
I have to put it into park when stopped at traffic lights).  In
addition, there is a hairline crack in the windshield which may or may
not be noticed when the car is inspected again (my old sticker is from
last February).  If that wasn't bad enough, the motor (although
powerful, and in good working order) has a latent problem which wil
eventually become serious if it is not corrected:  There is (allegedly)
a part in the engine called a push-rod.  It costs about three dollars to
replace, but because it is so deep in the engine, the labor to fix it
would cost ~700.00 (unless I did it myself)...
...So, you ask, why don't I junk the car?   The answer is, that it seems
a shame to junk it when it got me from Boston to NY to Boston two weeks
ago with no problem -- someone with mechanical knowhow would easily(?)
be able to restore it to a safe operating condition for much less than a
1977 Plymouth Fury with 78000 miles woulod normally cost.

If you are interested in this car, or if you know of someone who might
be, please send mail to leifer@hades, or leave a message for me at the
East Campus desk (253-2871).  Oh, yes - I would like to get $100.00 for
the car (remember, a rental for a week costs more than twice that!),
but I will consider all inquiries.

						Jack Leifer