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whatyou want to do has been asked for before and an
undocumented hook installed. this has remained fairly
stable for a while so you probaby are ok to use it.
ther is a function called EDITF1 which is
used by EDITF, EDITV, and EDITP. it has
five arguments, EXPR, COMS, ATM, TYPE, and IFCHANGEDFN
TYPE currently is NIL, PROP, or T, and is used
to distinguish the calls from editf, editv, etc.
in any case, if IFCHANGEDFN is not NIL, and
the edit results in a change, then IFCHANGEDFN is
applied to ATM and EXPR. (i suppose it really shuld
also be given ty`pe so you can use the same
function for diffrent types, but anyway this
should be sufficient for your purposes.