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cc: of message re: FAKESYS


Through a coincidence I realized that it was possible to have a
lisp system which was a "sysout" in which a "makesys" had never
been done. The importance of this is that such a sysout would
be a good base in which to load up other packages (and in which
to get rid of packages) because the space had never been tied
down as system code.

There is a function fakesys[file] on [maxc2]<newlisp>fakesys which
creates such a sysout (all it does is to fool the system into
thinking it is in a makesys on <lisp>boot.sav and then call the
(unadvised version of) sysout. The reason for calling the unadvised
version is that, as a system which is just intended to save part
of the loadup state, none of the GREET or SYSOUTFORMS operations
should be performed).