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Date:  5 Nov 1978 1719-EST
Subject: fileinfo
To:   teitelman at MAXC2, masinter at MAXC2
cc:   kaplan at MAXC2

There is a new fileinfo on <vittal>.  It should work thru dec release 4
(to be announced come the beginning of the year), and includes the following
changes over the last one that I gave you.

1.  getfileinfo now takes a third argument that is equivalent to the 3rd 
    argument of gdate.  It works (I hope) for all calls to gdate (attributes
    readdate, writedate and creationdate), and attribute author (a new 
    attribute which returns the author of a file as a string -- clobbers the
    string pointer only on tops-20 versions release 3 and higher.  It
    could work for everything else if somebody fixed USERNAME to
    do the same thing gdate does.  Should I do it?).

2.  The archive/invisible/off-line stuff should only work for BBN release
    1B of tops-20, and DEC release 4 (which, for all intents, will be the
    same as bbn release 3A).  It should also not crash if tried under
    standard DEC releases without archive stuff -- e.g. releases 1, 2 and 3.

    Turns out that the way to tell what release a tops-20 site is running
    is by looking at the length of an fdb.  Look at function fisystemtype
    for specifics.