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Date: 31 DEC 1978 1348-PST
Subject: For next manual

I've been going over my old message files and eliminating things that
are now in the manual.  While doing that, I've noticed a few things
that should be changed for the next manual (perish the thought).  I'll
pass them along as they come up, and you can file them someplace.

p. 14.51  The description of fonprofile seems confused.  Looks like
part of a sentence disappared, and there is also som confusion abou whether
the third element of the list is called FONT or FONT#.  (The goofy sentence
is the last one in the first paagraph).  Also, FONT in the second paragraph
should be underlined.

Finally, a point of clarification:  in my old message, it says that FONT
can also be the name of a previusly defined fontclass, instead of a number.
Is that still true?

p 4.1, footnote 3 at bottom of page.  Mentions PRINTSTRUCTURE instead of
MASTERSCOPE.  (That's Chapter 4, not chapter 14 as in the comment above).

p. 14.9  Seprcase says that the various breaks and
clisp  haracters will be mapped into the SAME character, but it
doesn't say which one.  Is it space?  Does it matter?