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I added a hook to the masterscope function analyzer so that the user
could specify his own computations.

After a function has been analyzed, masterscope looks at the variable
ANALYZEUSERFNS.  If it is non-nil, it is assumed to be a list of functions.
Each of them is applied in turn to the function-name, function-definition,
and analysis data list for the function just analyzed.  The function should
return a new data list (or perhaps just the old one if all that is intened
is side-effecting).

This is the hook that is needed to add various user defined relations to
masterscope.  The MSHASH package will be able to store the argument
list of a function so that DESCRIBE won't have to rummage around for it
if the function is not loaded.  Also, DECL will be able to store the
RETURNS declaration for a function so that inter-function declarations
can be checked.