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I changed the way the FILES command works so that it puts out an
expression that interprets the arguments at load-time instead of dump-time.
In particular, this means that the load-time compile.ext will be used, so
that the appropriate choice between COM and DBYTE will be made.

The format of the command is checked at dump-time, by the function MAKEFILESCOMS,
to make sure that there is no striking error.

The expression put out on the file is of the form
(FILESLOAD . arguments to the FILES command), where FILESLOAD is a new
function that interprets the command.

Another change:  The ARRAY command will now report that it contains
variables (as per a request by Larry).

This request raises another issue about the ARRAY command, however:  why have
it at all.  It seems to me that the VARS command should be smart
enough to know that if the user asks for a variable with an array value to
be dumped, he does not want to see #123456 on the file.  The VARS command
itself should be able to convert to what the ARRAY command current does
in case the value is an array.  (Then, for backward compatibility, we could
make ARRAY just be a synonym for VARS, and eventually have it drop from
the documentation.)

This proposed cleanup must be implemeneted in PRETTY (I think in PRETTYVAR1).
If you go along with this, let me know and I will make the appropriate
cleanups in FILEPKG.