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new Interlisp-10 loadup

There is a new loadup on [parc-maxc]<netlisp>netlisp.sav;142

Fixes problem reported by several sites with HPRINT on hash arrays.
This release also fixes a minor problem HOSTNUMBER on hosts
with high imp numbers. HOSTNUMBER() returns a number in
accordance with the new 96-bit leader standard.
(HOSTNUMBER fixes courtesy Wilber@SRI-AI.)


In the past, it was usually the case that Interlisp-10 loadups were
tested at PARC for at least a few weeks before releasing a Netlisp.
However, our Interlisp-10 usage has been diminishing. Thus, this
system is relatively untested; you should proceed with caution
(e.g., release the system at first only to your pioneers.)