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Yes, I'm willing to negotiate.  I'll specify the data structures later,
but here is the interface I have in mind:
1) To specify measuring several things at once, simply set BRKDWNTYPE
to a list, e.g. (TIME CONSES).  I haven't yet figured out a nice
format for printing out the results if they won't fit on one line --
maybe you have some suggestions for that.
2) To specify open compilation of the BRKDWN2 form, set
BREAKDOWNCOMPFLG to T (initially NIL).  As long as this flag is T,
any newly BREAKDOWN'ed functions, or ALL functions if you change
BRKDWNTYPE, will use open code for BRKDWN2 (less time overhead,
more space).  Any mix of open and closed code is permissible,
i.e. things will be OK no matter or how often you change the flag
setting.  I think it might also be worth indicating on the RESULTS
printout which functions use open code.