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havent worked out all the details yet but

(1) would you want to translate a bracket one way sometimes
and another way another time, e.g. translate {1,2}
differently than {1}, like use ELT for one and MULTI-ELT or
some such for another

(2) would you ever want to use more than one "separator"
inside of a bracket, such as ,'s mixed with

(3) if the latter, would it be tolerable to have to do your
own clispifying on this particular car of form via
a clispifyuserfn? i.e. suppose i clispified by simply
keying off car of form, and if it was a bracket translator,
put in the brackets (preceded by the first operand if
not a unaryop) and put in the ,'s or ;'s or whatever was
specified as the "separator" .

e.g. supose we define {} as a binary bracket operator
so that A{1} goes to (ELT A 1), and
A{1,2} goes to (MULTIELT A 1 2), 
then ELT and MULTIELT would always clispify
as A{1} and A{1,2}  but if you wanted
A{1,2;3} to mean something else (which
is acceptable since you get to specify a translation
function), then you would have to handle your own clispifying
because i wouldnt know how to put in , or ;.

basically i will let you specify "separator" characters
and explode them out but not do anything else with them
when dwimifying, and i will put them back in when