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bug fixes

I fixed the following "glitches" in FILEPKG:

HASDEF, GETDEF now only accept file package types (not commands), e.g.
GETDEF(FOO COMS) causes error "COMS not file package type". 

(undocumented feature)  The USERMACROS file package command will now also
dump entries on EDITMACROS as well (so that system files can contain
EDITMACROS entries).

(implementation change)
GETDEF(X FILES) now returns a more complicated data structure than before (it
used to just return the COMS for the file, now the value of GETDEF includes
part of the FILE and FILEDATES property of X).

PUTDEF(X FILE DEFINITION) will MAKEFILE(X) copying functions if
necessary from the "old" file (supplied as part of the DEFINITION).

This change should not affect any users (the only use I have ever
made of FILES as a type is to rename them); it made it possible to remove a
special check in the COPYDEF function to handle this case.

(fix to FULLNAME)
Fixed FULLNAME((A)) to cause ARG NOT LITATOM error.