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after thining abut it some, this is whati decided to do -
the skipfn argument to baktrace is now SKIPFNS, i.e.
a list of functions any of which indicate to skip.
yyour solution in the alto i think is siply
either to advise baktrace to (SETQ SKIPFNS (CONS 'DUMMYFRAMEP SKIPFNS))
or else to change the defiition of BREAKMACROS
so that the corespndingcalls to BT BTV etc.
they now have (BREAKREAD 'LINE).
the former has the avantage that it can be easily
overriden by unadvising, the latter in that
it does not require advising.  i would suggest the
latter, i.e. rather than have your own
baktracelst (our original discussion) you have your own
versions of defiition for BT, BTV, etc. on
breakmacros.  is this  acceptabble?


i have done some work on the initialization of variabes
but have not completed it.