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Mail-from: Arpanet host MIT-AI rcvd at 4-APR-79 1855-PST
Date: 4 APR 1979 2154-EST
From: MEEHAN at MIT-AI (James R. Meehan)
To: teitelman at PARC-MAXC

A question, a correction, and a suggestion about the new INTERLISP tome.
1. Am I correct in assuming that you are the original author of the 
chapter on the editor? The bulk of the text seems not to have changed
a great deal since the UCI LISP Manual came out in '73; I'm revising
that somewhat smaller tome and would certainly like to give credit
where credit is due.
2. In section 9.1, page 9.3, there's an error in the paragraph
beginning "In our editing session..." The phrase "add Z after CAR"
should read "add X after CAR". [Not exactly earthshaking, I know]
3. In section 9.2, page 9.9, the description of (B e1 ... em)
says it does an UP and then a -1. Better to say it does an UP and
then a (-1 e1 ... 1m), since -1 means something else.

(I'm at UCI. This is just a mailbox account I use.)
Thanks - Jim Meehan