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clipify bug

fixed bug wherein the expression following an atm
which ended in a ' was mistakenly being clispify, e.g.
FOO_'(PROGN (SETQ --))   the SETQ was being clispified.

4-JUL-79 13:56:39,593;000000000000
Date:  4 JUL 1979 1356-PDT
Subject: compiler change
To:   PARC Lisp Users:
cc:   newlisp, yonke at BBND, wilber at SRI-KL,
cc:   goldman at USC-ISIE

ther have been many occasions when, looking at a compiled file,
it wold have been nice to know exactly how it had been compiled,
i.e. bcompl, tcopl, recompile, brecompile, and if the lattter, which
function were involved. i have fixed compile to do this.
the information will appear in the first fillcreated expression
on the compiled file, so you can do an infile and a read, and
find it out.