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changes to loadfns-vars

ok - here is what i have done.

when you are doing a loadcomp or loadcomp?, it only
evaluates things in a declare: where EVAL@COMPILE is specified.
if you say DONTEVAL@COMPILE, it does not descend.
if you are doing a loadvars, it evaluaes thngs
in a declare: if you say EVAL@LOAD (or leave it out since
thats the default, but if you say DONTEVAL@LOAD it doesnt).
when doing a loadcop, the tags EVAL@LOAD DONTEVAL@LOAD are totally
ignored. when doing a loadfns/vars  the tags
eval@compile, donteval@compile are ignored. 

note that the expressions are evaluated as well as being put
on donelst and returned.

i think this captures the semantics. the reason
loadfrom used to work was that it simply evaluated the
entire top level (DECLARE:  expression) i.e. never searched
inside it, so the tags hhd the right effect, i.e.
with a DONTEVAL@LOAD, it stopped. with loadfns or loadvars
want to sarch for a specific expression, and so should be
guided in a similar way by the tags.  

i would like for you to ban  n this extensively. i am not
sure tha i covered all cses, or thatsomething else
didnt fall apart. rather than reload, why dont
you load in loadfns.com and test it out