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new loadfns featre

if VARS is a list and (FNTYP VARS ) is true, i.e. VARS is
a lambda expresson, then instead of clling the editor to
match the paatern, loadfns will invoke that function (aplying
it to two arguments, the first and second elements in
the expression being considered, but you can ignore the argument
if you want).

(a) the result returned is NIL, loadfns will restore the file pointer
and do a skread - i.e. you are free to do whatever you want to
with file pointer

(b) resule returned is non-nil but atom, e.g. T, loadfns
will reset file pointer, do a READ, and use that as
the expressin (and then either add it to donelst, evaluate
it etc depending on value of LDFLG)

(c) a list - the result is used as the expression. the file pinter
in this case is not reset.