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Re: lucid on bsd 4.2 on rt

	Is there a version of Lucid Common Lisp that runs on
	BSD 4.2 on the RT?

There is not a version of Lucid for an RT running 4.2.  MIT Project
Athena is currently negotiating with Lucid and IBM to have Lucid
ported to this environment, but IBM in Austin has so far refused to
release the "glue" code required for the port.

Charles Saltzbury is an IBM/Athena employee trying to get IBM in
Austin to release the glue code.  If you are actually interested in
licensing Lucid for an RT running 4.2, you might want to send him
mail.  The more demand he can show for the product, the better his
chance of convincing the powers that be.  His arpanet address is

				--Stuart A. Malone