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Should we post lisp bugs here?

Here's one, so you can decide.  If this group is for propagating
information about Lucid Common Lisp, then posting bugs fits my

This happened with Sun Common Lisp version 2.0.3.

Bug number: 56
Date found: 22 May 1987
Lisp version: 2.0.3
Unix release: 3.2
Discoverer: Tim Freeman
Brief description: 
   #', map, and labels interact incorrectly sometimes.

Terminal session:
   > (defun dagsave ()
	 ((dagsaverec (form)
		      (when (equal form 3)
			(map 'nil #'dagsaverec '#(b)))))
       (dagsaverec 3)))
   > (dagsave)
   > (compile 'dagsave)
   ;;; Compiling function DAGSAVE...tail merging...assembling...(assembling...sharing code...)sharing code...emitting...done.
   > (dagsave)
   >>Error: NIL cannot be called with 1 arguments
   unnamed function:
      Required arg 0 (G47): B
      Required arg 1 (FORM): #<Unknown-Object 302BEE>
   :A    Abort to Lisp Top Level

History of interaction with Sun:
   Reported 22 May 1987.  Sun was able to reproduce it with lisp
   version 2.0.5 as of 25 May 1987.

Known workarounds:
   Changing the occurrence of #'dagsave to #'(lambda (x) (dagsave x))
   causes the routine to complete normally.