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Sun Common Lisp 2.1 bug


I'm the new coordinator for the  Sun Lisp beta release here at CMU.
I'm ccing this because my predecessor told me to -- hopefully whoever
knows of the bug can reply immediately.  
Let me know if you shouldn't/don't wanna be on the cclist.

One thing I don't know is how to get the patch version number.

Here's our initial bug report:

Bug number: <to be assigned>
Date found: 13 July 87
Lisp version: 2.1.1B, patch v?, patches 201011-pat, 1893, 1951, 1974, 1975
Unix release: 3.1
Discoverer:  Steve Handerson
Brief description: 
  char-code is broken for :target 68020.
Terminal session:
  File broken.lisp contains:
    (in-package "USER")
    (defun baz (huh)
      (char-code huh))
  Terminal interaction:
    > (Compile-file "/usr/skh/beta/broken.lisp")
    ;;; Reading input file #P"/usr/skh/beta/broken.lisp"
    ;;; Compiling function BAZ...assembling...
    >>Error: in lap: Unrecognized lap instruction: (LUCID::BFEXTU LUCID::D0 16 8 LUCID::D0)


    :A    Abort to Lisp Top Level
    :C    will emit guaranteed illegal instruction

History of interaction with Sun:
  Mailed 13 July 87.
Known workarounds:
  Don't do (compiler-options :target 68020), or do a
  (compiler-options :target '68K) to reset.