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Debugging functions

   Date: Tue, 23 Aug 88 14:14:56 EDT
   From: salem@Think.COM

      Here is a functional version of the lucid debugger :L command so you
   can compose expressions using local vars. while inside the debugger.

   Up with functions !  Down with command processors !

   -- jim

   (export '(dbg-arg dbg-loc))

   (defun dbg-arg (index-or-name)
     "This is a LUCID version of the standard Symbolics DBG:ARG and DBG:LOC
   functions.  It is also similar to the lucid debugger `:L' command.  Called
   by a user from inside the debugger, it returns the value of the specified
   local variable for the current stack frame.  The argument is either an
   index number or the name of the local."

One of the main ways I use (dbg:arg ..) in Symbolics land is to change the
value of an arg to get a program to continue.  For example, 
	(setf (dbg:arg 3) 'foo).  

Is this possible in Lucid land?