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Warning when using LAMBDA-LIST-KEYWORDS in compiled function.



	Return-Path: <mincy@AQUINAS.THINK.COM>
	Date: Fri, 16 Sep 88 13:36 EDT
	From: Jeff Mincy <mincy@Think.COM>
	Subject: Warning when using LAMBDA-LIST-KEYWORDS in compiled function.
	To: Gumby@mcc.com, lucites@Think.COM
	In-Reply-To: <880915175304.2.GUMBY@BRAHMA.ACA.MCC.COM>

	    Date: Thu, 15 Sep 88 17:53 CDT
	    From: David Vinayak Wallace <Gumby@mcc.com>

	    Why do I get the following warning?  The compiled code appears to run
	    OK.  This is in Sun Common Lisp, Development Environment 2.1.1, 9-Dec-87

		> (defun foo () lambda-list-keywords)
		> (compile 'foo)
		;;; Compiling function FOO...
	    ->  ;;; Warning: Assuming LAMBDA-LIST-KEYWORDS is special

	The problem is that lucid apparently forgot that lambda-list-keywords,
	and all other constants and variables defined in common lisp were special.
	If you want a workaround, you could do 
	(proclaim '(special lambda-list-keywords)) before the function.

	This problem seems to have been fixed in the 29-feb-88 version of 2.1.1


The differences being seen in the warning messages that Lucid gives
for using lambda-list-keywords are due to two different hardware
versions of the Lisp product.  Judging by the dates given in the mail
messages, David Wallace at MCC is using 2.1.1 on the Sun-3, which was
released in the fall of 1987; Jeff Mincy at Thinking Machines is using
2.1.1 on the VAX, which was released in early 1988.  The version
numbers of the two products are the same, since the functionality is
basically equivalent; however, the bug in which we warned about
specials in Common Lisp was fixed in December, 1987.  It was
incorporated into the VAX 2.1.1 Lisp at that point.

	Susan Rosenbaum