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user interface macros

re: 	2.  If a method has a keyword argument, is that keyword one included in
	    the generic function lambda-list?  In the example on page 3-8, not
	    only is there no  &key color, but there is not even the &key in the
	    lambda-list in the call to the ensure-generic-function.

	Hmm, I thought chapter 1 and 2 did say this.  They sure need to so that
	you can know what the congruence rules of a generic function without a
	defgeneric is.

    Don't spend too much time fixing this before you receive the comments from
    Cyphers and me, which will point out that this is all wrong anyway.  That
    argument shouldn't be passed in that call at all.

I agree.  I've already sent an critique of that internally here at Lucid,
and was planning to fold that into a more general critique of this whole
section, which will perhaps be done later tonight.

-- JonL --