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Re: user interface macros

    Date: Thu, 3 May 90 11:47:44 PDT
    From: David Gray <gray@lucid.com>

    No, there should be just one environment argument.  Perhaps there should be
    a function to test whether it is a compile-time environment (NULL is most
    certainly not that function), but I would want to see the need for that
    demonstrated first.  For the metaclass writer, the point is to be
    consistent about passing the received environment on to FIND-CLASS,

My idea was that the predicate would be the extra argument.  User code
would still be required to pass the argument on to the other functions
(find-class etc.).  User code would pass the value of the :environment
argument, no other values.  The other argument would just be a flag to
user code that this was in the compile environment and things might be