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My next message will have the subject field a-to-c, and will be the TeX
source of the `FUNCTI' pages for the generic functions ADD-DEPENDENT to
COMPUTE-SLOTS (alphabetically).  This is pages 27 through 49 of the
current draft of the MOP.  

The file arisia.xerox.com:/ftp/pcl/mop/a-to-c.ps is Postscript source
for these pages.

Together with the material I just sent about class initialization, this
material represents the hardest parts of the functi pages.  All that
remains of the function pages is:

REMOVE-XXX               ADD-XXX is in what I am sending.  If we can
                         agree on those, the remove ones should be easy.

`readers'                These are simple generic functions which just
                         fetch a value associated with a metaobject.

SLOT-XXX-USING-CLASS     These are easy to write given agreement on what
                         to say.  What to say in this document is probably
                         more than in Sandra's cleanup issue.  I think we
                         mostly agree already.

METHOD-FUNCTION-APPLIER  This is a performance inspired change to the
                         method invocation protocol.  Details forthcoming.

ENSURE-XXX               Most of the issues here already came up when I
                         sent out the stuff on macroexpansion.  

FINALIZE-INHERITANCE     I think we agree on this now.


Danny, Jim and I are still optimistic and still slugging away.