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Re: Indian givers, CLOS style

   Date: Tue, 12 Jun 90 17:15:30 PDT
   From: Jim des Rivieres <rivieres@parc.xerox.com>
   Reply-To: rivieres@parc.xerox.com

   But that last sentence means that the user cannot trust that the list
   returned by the accessor will remain intact; a safely-conscious user
   would have to copy it before saving it away (or engaging in any computation
   that might end up sharing with that list); your average user will think
   that they can get away without copying it, and a small number of them will
   be saldy mistaken on that account and will end up saddled with a subtle bug.

OK, I give in on this point.  I agree with you that it isn't in the
spirit of the MOP to give users this value which can change at any
time.  Unless anyone objects, I will go back and change all of these
in the way you mention.