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Re: specializer metaobjects

   Date: 	Mon, 5 Nov 1990 08:25:24 PST
   From: kanderso@DINO.BBN.COM

   Defmethod should really by written in terms of a gf like:

    (intern-specialize specializer)

   (defmethod intern-specializer ((s symbol))
     (find-class s))


Yes, some extensible DEFMETHOD parsing facility would be better.  As I
said in my message to Scott, I think it would be better to handle that
as part of a full-fledged UI macro processing facility.


   (defmethod foo (z (slot a bar)) ...) is a method specialized for
   objects that have (eq (class-of (slot-value z 'a)) (find-class 'bar)).
   (intern-specializer '(slot a bar)) returns an instance of class
   How to refer to this class to specialize methods on it?

   (defmethod ((s (eql (intern-specializer '(slot a bar))))) ...) ?

   or do we have a specializer for specializers:

   (defmethod ((s (specializer '(slot a bar)))) ...)

I guess I don't understand what you are trying to do here.