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Re: Comments on the gray book

   Date: 	Mon, 5 Nov 1990 08:25:00 PST
   From: Moon@STONY-BROOK.SCRC.Symbolics.COM

   One more specific comment is that although efficient implementability
   is mentioned as a design goal, I don't think the book really touches
   on what is necessary to achieve that, which in my opinion depends
   fundamentally on keeping the programmer at arm's length from the
   implementation through the use of abstraction.

This is a real concern, and one which is fundamental to the value of
this work.  Can you say a little more about what you would like us to
say?  Your comments seem to be about both the presention (AMOP) and the
design (MOP), but I can't distinguish the two sets of comments clearly
enough to see what you are asking for.