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Some minor comments on AMOP

Additional minor comments, while i'm thinking of them:

P. 22.  Perhaps you should say that local-slot-location complains if
<class> doesn't have <slot-name>.  Anyway, some function should check,
even in CLOSETTE.

P. 31.  "This completes our presentation of generic function
metaobjects and how defgeneric is implemented."  (Reminds me of
something i'd hear at Church, sermon on the MOP, perhaps.) At this
point i was very curious about how gf's got run.  You might mention
that this is developed later.

P. 54.  From what you say, it seems like the second NIL on the page
should be T.

By the way, i find AMOP quite valuable as it motivates the components
of the MOP, even if they aren't quite right.