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my visit in December (2)

Hello.  (I am CCing this to MOP---that way someone will
read this even if you are away.)

My tentative plan for visiting Palo Alto in December
is as follows:
	... 14 (Fri) late afternoon: Arrive in Palo Alto.
	... 17 (Mon):  Visit IBM Palo Alto Scientific Center
	... 18 (Tues):  Head back to Tokyo

So I am hoping to visit Xerox PARC
... late afternoon on 14 (Fri)
... the next day, 15 (Sat).

How does this sound?
Is it the case that nobody is at the lab on Saturdays?
I doubt this.
Best wishes,
(Mr.) TANAKA Tomoyuki   (Tanaka is my family name.)
;;; IBM Research, Tokyo Research Laboratory
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