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Feedback on "The Art of the MOP"

First of all, thanks for producing the document.  I spent an hour or two with
it on my flight back from Ottawa and found it to be very informative and
delightful reading.  I'm looking forward to a quiet moment or two when I can
resume my examination of the document.

But I though I'd better give you some initial comments now.  (I have too many
partially read books stacked up!)  These comments are entirely on issues of
"style", not substantive content.  Applying these suggestions throughout the
document would, I hope, improve the reader's ease of comprehension.

In Fig. 1.1 on page 10:
* Add arrowheads to the links.
* Use some visual cue to distinguish backstage objects (e.g., font, shaded
background, etc.) in the figures.

Visually distinguish blocks of code from the text (e.g., by indentation,
smaller point size, shaded background, etc.).  See page 24 for an example of
where this is needed.

In Fig. 1.4 on page 29:
* Move this figure to after the start of section 1.5
* Distinguish figures somehow (e.g., box, white-space, shaded area, etc.)

Thanks for the opportunity to review "The Art of the MOP".  If you issue a
new version, please send me a copy. I'll promise to try to float it to the
top of my reading stack.

Mike Wirth