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Notes from 4/3 meeting

Drafting Committee meeting notes, 4/3/89, 10:30-12:30, Thinking Machines

Attendees: Masinter, Moon, GLS, Chapman

1. Complete review/rewrite by this committee by 6/26 meeting.
2. Mail a ready-for-review draft to ISO delegations by 7/14/89
(deliver in person to French delegation to enjoy quatorze juillet??).
3. Make parts of the standard available to X3J13 as they become 
reviewed/rewritten. Perhaps these will be letter ballots, or just
info copies.
4. Make complete standard available to X3J13 for review after 6/26
meeting. Accept and respond to comments until the November meeting.
5. Review this plan by 4/14/89.

Other notes:

 About the standard:
1. Suggestion to can the Side Effects section. No significant disagreement.
2. Suggestion to move from section 2.2 (types) anything that has to do
with external representation to appropriate sections (3.1, 3.2, or 
description of write function). No disagreement.
3. Suggestion to move processing rules from section 2.2 to a separate section.
Seems reasonable to move them to section 6.1 (Introduction to Catalog
of Defined Names) under a special subsection heading ("Rules") and 
special subsubsection headings, one for each type.
4. After all the Jan and March issues are included, a guess will be made
as to which issues will pass in June, and those issues will be included.
Anyone wishing to make a stab at that list now is more than welcome. Otherwise
that list will be coming to you for review in about 3 weeks.
5. See the editorial committee report for other changes that have been
or will be made to the standard.

1. New draft of the standard was moved to hudson.dec.com today. It is the latest
version but with only editorial changes since March meeting (only editorial 
issues and proposals included).
2. The subject of a mailing list was brought up and rejected, but RPG
had already set one up. Would you prefer I list your names, or is the
mailing list okay?
3. I will send you copies of what you need as they are finished and as
Who		How		What
RPG     	Mail 		Source files and a build file.
Masinter	Mail+FTP	List of source files and build files.
Moon		Mail+FTP+USMail	Source files, hardcopy
GLS		USMail		Hardcopy
4. I will send the sections that are ready now while we are reviewing this
plan. If there are changes, I will remail to the proper person.
5. The original plan for this group had people working together
on certain sections. I have not listed pairings here and will wait
for you to ask me to work out those details. If you intend to change
a section that someone else has completed, please copy the person
whose section you're changing and me on the changes.
6. I won't be making changes to source files while you have them.

 Chapter 1. Introduction                          
 1.1 Scope, Purpose, and Application               RPG            6/14/89
 1.2 Organization of the Document                  Done
 1.3 Referenced Publications                       Done
 1.4 Definitions                                   Done
 1.5 Compliance                                    KC		  5/1/89
 1.6 Language Extensions                           KC             5/1/89
 Chapter 2. Objects and Types                      4/1/89         4/14/89
 2.1 Introduction 				   Done
 2.2 Types                                         Moon           5/1/89
 2.3 Classes                                       Done
 2.4 Slots                                         Done
 2.5 Objects                                       Done
 Chapter 3. Object Syntax                         
 3.1 Character Reader                              RPG            5/1/89
 3.2 Object Syntax                                 RPG            5/1/89
 Chapter 4. Evaluation and Compilation            
 4.1 Evaluation Model                              Moon           5/14/89
 4.2 Compilation                                   RPG   	  6/14/89
 Chapter 5. Other Topics                          
 5.1 Errors                                        RPG            5/14/89
 5.2 Input/Output                                  Masinter       5/1/89
 5.3 Interface with the Programming Environment    Masinter       5/1/89
 5.4 Generalized Reference                         Masinter       5/1/89

 Chapters 6 and 7. Catalog of Defined Names
 6.1 Introduction                                  RPG            5/1/89

The following list contains the names of groups of functions as they
appear in CLtL, CLOS, and the Condition System documents. For example,
Masinter is to review/rewrite the functions in Chapter 15 (Lists) of 
CLtL by 5/1/89.
 CLOS						   RPG            5/1/89
 PREDICATES                                        Masinter       5/1/89
 STRINGS                                           Masinter       5/1/89
 SEQUENCES                                         Masinter       5/1/89
 LISTS                                             Masinter       5/1/89
 NUMBERS                                           Masinter       5/1/89

 STRUCTURES					   GLS            5/14/89
 SYMBOLS                                           GLS            5/14/89
 HASH-TABLES                                       GLS            5/14/89
 ARRAYS                                            GLS            5/14/89
 TYPES                                             GLS            5/14/89
 DECLARATIONS                                      GLS            5/14/89
 IO						   Masinter       6/14/89
 STREAMS                                           Masinter       6/14/89
 FILE                                              Masinter       6/14/89
 CONTROL                                           Masinter       6/14/89
 PROGRAM                                           Masinter       6/14/89
 MISC                                              Masinter       6/14/89
 ERRORS					  	   RPG            6/14/89
 MACROS                                            Moon           6/14/89
 PACKAGES                                          Moon           6/14/89
 CHARACTERS                                        Moon           6/14/89
 EVALUATOR                                         Moon           6/14/89

 Glossary                                          RPG            5/1/89
RPG: 1.1, 3.1, 3.2, 4.2, 6.1, 5.1, CLOS, Errors, Glossary
Masinter: 5.2, 5.3, 5.4,

Sections that are ready now: 1.1, 4.1, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, CLOS. 
It is not felt that these sections will change much as a result
of issues that haven't been included.
Note that 5.2-5.4 "passed" at the meeting, but Larry and others still
feel there is work to be done on them.
Other sections will be ready when the issues and proposals passed in
Jan and March have been completely included.

Thanks in advance for your time.