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I'd like to send this to X3J13

Since a letter ballot date is approaching, I'd like to send the following
to X3J13 to clarify what has happened with those dates. Do you approve
of sending the following?

The formation of the drafting committee causes scheduled voting dates
on parts of the standard to change. Therefore, if you are planning to
review the document on the schedule set up by the issue CUT-OFF-DATES,
please revise your plan taking the following into account.

 From now on the drafting committee will review or rewrite
as necessary according to the following schedule:
 Chapter 1. Introduction                          
 1.1 Scope, Purpose, and Application               6/14/89
 1.2 Organization of the Document                  Done
 1.3 Referenced Publications                       Done
 1.4 Definitions                                   Done
 1.5 Compliance                                    5/1/89
 1.6 Language Extensions                           5/1/89
 Chapter 2. Objects and Types                     
 2.1 Introduction 				   Done
 2.2 Types                                         5/1/89
 2.3 Classes                                       Done
 2.4 Slots                                         Done
 2.5 Objects                                       Done
 Chapter 3. Object Syntax                         
 3.1 Character Reader                              5/1/89
 3.2 Object Syntax                                 5/1/89
 Chapter 4. Evaluation and Compilation            
 4.1 Evaluation Model                              5/14/89
 4.2 Compilation                                   6/14/89
 Chapter 5. Other Topics                          
 5.1 Errors                                        5/14/89
 5.2 Input/Output                                  5/1/89
 5.3 Interface with the Programming Environment    5/1/89
 5.4 Generalized Reference                         5/1/89
 Chapters 6 and 7. Catalog of Defined Names
 6.1 Introduction                                  5/1/89
The following list contains the names of groups of functions as they
appear in CLtL, CLOS, and the Condition System documents. For example,
the functions in Chapter 15 (Lists) of CLtL are to be reviewed and/or
rewritten by 5/1/89.
 CLOS						   5/1/89
 PREDICATES                                        5/1/89
 STRINGS                                           5/1/89
 SEQUENCES                                         5/1/89
 LISTS                                             5/1/89
 NUMBERS                                           5/1/89
 STRUCTURES					   5/14/89
 SYMBOLS                                           5/14/89
 HASH-TABLES                                       5/14/89
 ARRAYS                                            5/14/89
 TYPES                                             5/14/89
 DECLARATIONS                                      5/14/89
 IO						   6/14/89
 STREAMS                                           6/14/89
 FILE                                              6/14/89
 CONTROL                                           6/14/89
 PROGRAM                                           6/14/89
 MISC                                              6/14/89
 ERRORS					  	   6/14/89
 MACROS                                            6/14/89
 PACKAGES                                          6/14/89
 CHARACTERS                                        6/14/89
 EVALUATOR                                         6/14/89
 Glossary                                          5/1/89
These dates are goals, not fixed deadlines. However, if you would
like to comment on a section before the reviewer/rewriter works on
it, you should get your comments to me before the date listed for
the section. 

When a section is ready for ballot it will be mailed for vote. 
The goal is to complete all sections by the June meeting. Coming to closure
on all the sections by the June meeting is not a goal; having all the sections
ready for review by X3J13 between June and September IS a goal. 
So if you only have time for one review, you should plan to review after
the drafting committee has completed its work, i.e. around mid- to late-July.

As usual, if you need hardcopies, please don't hesitate to ask. The files
on hudson.dec.com are updated once per week, usually on Tuesday night or
Wednesday morning. If you have trouble accessing them, please let me know
ASAP. If you forgot how to access them, please let me know. Please note that
ALL reviews and comments are APPRECIATED. In most cases, and always when the
comments are on a recently-published version or are extensive, you will receive
replies to your comments.

Thanks again for your help.

the drafting committee