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History Section (1.1)

Thanks, Dave, for your comments. When I stop reading OOPSLA papers
(next week) I will get back in the saddle. Two questions for the
whole group, assuming accuracy is acceptable at some point:

	1. Is the section too terse and if so how much real estate
	   are we willing to spend on this section? The same facts
	   that you now see were distilled from a section 50% longer
	   than what you're reading. That might have been to steep
	   a shrinkage.

	2. Do we want such a section at all? Is there a precedent?

	3. Should we simply start at the April 1981 date and talk only
	   about the Common Lisp process?

About OOPSLA, I would guess that the worst 5 papers submitted to the
last L&FP would be in the 50% percentile of the papers submitted to OOPSLA.