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More on Conditions

On further reading I see that handler-bind conditions are searched in
left-to-right order, as is handler-case.  On further reflection, I
think handler-case should do this, but not handler-bind, especially
when there is the type-hierarchy-imposed order that is more
interesting than left-to-right.  handler-BIND isn't especially
reminiscent of <anything>-CASE.  Presumably implementations can
CLOSize conditions using multiple inheritance, which makes this

There seems little need for restart-case, if you ask me.

Grumble, this is what you get when you assume X3J13 is reading these
proposals carefully for consideration. The original writeup is so
goofy, no one can understand it. 

Opinions? If there is no comment, I'll submit my rewritten draft
which defines the behavior of handler-bind and handler-case as
proposed, but leaves restart-bind and restart-case as is.


Kathy: As soon as I can get to terminal on which I can observe TEX
output so I can change the sizes of some rules, I'll netmail the
chapter to you. The new version is about 3100 words while the original
is about 6500.